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someone with great regard for material possessions

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someone who thinks that nothing exists but physical matter

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It's a rich grab bag, in which tomb objects and clay figures and court painting and calligraphy are all displayed helter-skelter, as though the curators had gone on a wild spree and come home, dumped their full shopping bags, and spread out the contents for a momentary glut of materialist ecstasy.
Materialist ethics flow from the simplified two-class model of social conflict, which easily survives various transformations from bourgeoisie versus proletariat--into Europeans versus persons of pigment, for example, or into males (especially European) versus females, depending on the needs of the moment.
There lies the executive summary of the materialist dogma that has driven most science, and much popular culture, for two centuries.
The controlling motif of the volume is a competition of alternative metaphysics, pitting the artist who creates reality against the skeptical materialist who would segment and divide it.
However, there is a relevant materialist point onwhich Iwould engage the writer.
Hitting Home reflects a renewed commitment in Christian feminist ethics to materialist analysis and solidarity with economically poor women.
It followed a gloomy picture of life in materialist Britain today painted by senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal Cormac Murphy.
MATERIALIST Patrick Bateman (Christain Bale) goes on the rampage in Mary Harron's humorous take on American Psycho.
McConnell speculates that the materialist scientist's adamant denial of the existence of psi is best explained by his fear of the consequences that might follow in the event of its acceptance.
Darwin's is a materialist view with no room for the afterlife or for a 'morally ordered universe'.
Rand, contrary to Gillespie, was not a philosophical materialist but a naturalist.
Lasn urges citizens to fight back against the allure of materialist soma by joining a growing movement of "culture jammers" waging a subversive "de-branding strategy" intent upon monkeywrenching the "corporate cool machine.
To make war in the way we did in Algeria, of which I'm deeply ashamed, with a materialist and a colonialist rationale, where human action was unillumined by faith--well, that can only lead us to catastrophe.
The new spirit of competition brought about by deregulation combined with the rise of a new materialist ethic, especially in Manhattan, had made investment banking glamorous in much the same way that journalism had been in the years after Watergate.
Anathema to a materialist world, ether persists in the modern world, reports Milutis (art, U.