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someone with great regard for material possessions

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someone who thinks that nothing exists but physical matter

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The Limits of Fabrication: Materials Science, Materialist Poetics
The materialist claims that this teleological form of explanation does not capture what is metaphysically fundamental, whereas his preferred physical form of explanation does.
Inglehart (1989) argued that the change from the feudal to the capitalist production system favored the emergence of materialist values, and that the economic stability of some post-industrial societies facilitated the emergence of post-materialist values.
However, despite the lack of consensus among specialists and the persistence of the problem, both academic and lay publications often present the materialist view of mind as an established scientific fact that should be accepted by every educated person, including psychiatrists and scientists in general (4,8).
Thus while materialists are right to complain that Cartesian dualism leaves mind-body interaction obscure, dualists are right to complain that purported materialist explanations in fact ignore, or even implicitly deny, the existence of mind.
My analysis also shows that while electoral reform has had an impact on the policy balance between postmaterialist and materialist policies as well as clientelist and programmatic policies, these changes are not linear, but vary from decade to decade.
Substituting a possession for something more legitimately desired is precisely what a certain kind of materialist does.
Are life and living systems amenable to materialist explanations?
Nagel's thesis is that the reigning materialist version of neo-Darwinism has come up empty in its quest to explain the rise of life, consciousness, cognition, and value in terms of physics and chemistry.
Intergenerational Differences in Materialist and Post-materialist Values in a Sample of Hispanic New York City Residents
They have divergent worldviews, though they represent a spectrum of spiritualist to materialist viewpoints.
The materialist lens focuses on inequalities caused by unequal access to resources, and identifies unhindered free-market capitalism as the cause of poverty and its associated morbidity and mortality.
Clark's principal target is the materialist logic that dominates all forms of realist and much neoliberal thinking about hegemony.
This article explores how new materialist feminism, a recent development in feminist theory, builds on ecofeminist philosophy.
A jubilant holiday in which family, tradition, love and unity were given importance during the older generations has now become a mere materialist celebration in our current era.