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Synonyms for materialisation

the process of coming into being

an appearance in bodily form (as of a disembodied spirit)

something that comes into existence as a result

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On the downside would be an unexpected additional drop in commodities prices or materialisation of idiosyncratic risks such as political risks or lack of economic reforms.
Commercial schemes registered a materialisation rate of 40% to 45%.
Shri Goyal further stated that since the exercise of coal rationalisation is expected to optimize overall materialisation of coal at thermal power plants, one of the benefits would be increased power generation leading to reduction in power shortages.
At the same time, the grading incorporates the initial delays that occurred at the start of the project and the pressure on cash flows, primarily arising from slow materialisation of sales due to the prevalent downturn in the real estate sector.
lt;p>The talk turned on the major aspects of bilateral co- operation and prospects for strengthening them, in materialisation of the firm political will driving Presidents Zine el Abidine Ben Ali and Mahmoud Abbes and in consecration of the fraternal relations binding the two brotherly peoples.
SOS reportedly said that the deal was subject to the materialisation of its EUR630m acquisition of Italian olive oil producer Bertolli.
BRC director-general Hawkins said: 'Even the materialisation of the last-minute rush and strong trading for many retailers in the sales could not turn December into a positive month.
Speaking to reporters, Kharge, who refused to divulge the details of the finalised contract, said: "All the parties concerned including the Airports Authority of India and the State have reached an understanding, and the airport's materialisation appears to be imminent.
The state-owned Botas and Greece's state-owned DEPA have signed a protocol aimed at moving jointly towards the materialisation of energy projects in the wider region of south-eastern Europe.
Helen was known as a materialisation medium and was said to produce ectoplasm from her mouth, a thick clear fluid that would take the shape of the person she was contacting.