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assets in the form of material possessions

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59) from eight countries (Uganda, Algeria, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, South Korea, Spain and England), results indicated that the material resources are positively and significantly related to the subjective well-being for all countries, measured with the SLSS Huebner' scale (Sarriera, Casas, Bedin, Abs, Strelhow, Gross-Manos & Giger, 2014a).
Green Leases define the levels of commitments and obligations to ensure a maximization of indoor air quality and a minimization of energy, water and material resource consumption.
Of all the companies that we considered, Praxair Healthcare Services demonstrated both value and the greatest ability to administer the program," stated Brian Hitchcock, vice president of QHR's Material Resource Group.
Material and Methods: All the data regarding casualties, particulars of human and material resources was collected through hospital records.
Tabib said the meeting was an opportunity to stress the need for the government to support the commission and consolidate its human and material resources to enable it to swiftly implement its projects and programmes.
of material resources, "We envision numerous applications for our recycled pellets," such as trash bags and other bags, as well as molded products such as bins, totes, and even kayaks.
The law thus regulates procurement process by procuring entity and signing of agreements for the purchase of material resources only by the procuring side
Head of the Committee Hussein Hassoun said that the 2014 budget is set to confront the extraordinary circumstances facing the country, calling for benefitting from human and material resources as to build a firm economic basis that contributes to enhancing national capabilities and the comprehensive development process.
The Minister added, during the House of Counsellors' question time, this regression is due to the vigilance and professionalism of the security services, as well as to measures taken in recent years to mobilize human and material resources.
Washington, March 9 (ANI): A new study has found that children in classrooms with inadequate material resources and children whose teachers feel they are not respected by colleagues exhibit more mental health problems than students in classrooms without these issues.
The experiences included material resources, diverse internship experiences, interactions with diverse families, critical reflection, and discussion and dialogue.
But in empirical studies, material resources are no better than a coin toss at predicting victory in battle.
In her new role at the VA Medical Center, Balfour is responsible for planning, administering, managing, supervising and evaluating the activities, material resources and personnel for the cardiology section.
Early chapters of this reference on Africa's fertilizer raw material resources provide background for nonspecialists, with an introduction to fertilizers and world fertilizer history, an overview of how most common fertilizers are made, and details on how fertilizer raw materials are produced.
For teenage parents, the availability of material resources has a greater effect on educational attainment than parenthood, according to an analysis of data from the 1988-2000 waves of the National Education Longitudinal Study (NELS).
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