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property or belongings that are tangible

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According to the new study led by University of Colorado at Boulder psychology Professor Leaf Van Boven, individuals who pursue happiness through material possessions are liked less by their peers than people who pursue happiness through life experiences.
This study explores peer influence on urban preadolescents' perceptions of social status benefits of material possessions.
A friend of mine, one who [former CalCPA chair] Steve Wimmers would describe as "seasoned with age," once told me that the accumulation of material possessions does not make one rich, but rather the accretion of experiences.
It is our spirit with regard to material possession that we keep poor and detached, even as we seek to bring other people very far from the clutches of poverty and material deprivation.
Children's Express bureau manager Gerry Hunwick said: "There is a lack of material possession, services and things to do, but there is also a richness of life which means things take on great significance here.
But the tough and basic day-to-day existence she experienced when she went to Cameroon has forged for her a mission in life that clearly supersedes material possessions and any sense of self importance.
I don't give a luck about money or bullshit material possessions, but I do want to be able to raise a family.
This is remarkable in a time when they have unprecedented freedom and more material possessions than in previous generations.
Steve starts to think Karen's lost it when she gives away all her best designer gear and rants on about material possessions no longer being important.
Learning Earthways" in the same issue also contains elements of Gandhi's teaching, namely self-reliance minimal material possessions and supporting local economies.
An Ohio State University, Columbus, study found that individuals with enduring feelings of self-doubt scored higher on a measure of materialism--the tendency to value monetary success and material possessions over other goals in life.
They are willing to sacrifice their lives and material possessions to defend what is most important--their freedom.
We profess Christianity, but in many ways, act as though we were practising atheists -- in a society where the aim is to enrich oneself, even at the expense of others, and to multiply material possessions.
Refugio after refugio revealed material possessions discarded by previous pilgrims.
The concept of verisimilitude was incorporated most fully in the realist writing of the late 19th century, in which well-developed characters closely imitate real people in their speech, mannerisms, dress, and material possessions.
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