material breach

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a breach serious enough to destroy the value of the contract and to give a basis for an action for breach of contract

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Russian Federation still remains in material breach of its provisions.
The inspector will record the time they have spent identifying the material breach, helping you to put it right, investigating and taking enforcement action.
If you are taking two or three steps to do what you can't do in one, that still represents a material breach," said Naomi Aoki, a spokeswoman for Biogen.
Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Intel believes AMD has "committed a material breach of the cross license", a charge that AMD denied on Monday saying that Intel has no right to terminate rights and licenses covered by the agreement.
Trout claimed that the failure to timely file the 1999 return was not a material breach and that because it was not a material breach, the OIC was still in effect under general principles of contract law.
Due to concerns the service arrangements constituted a material breach of grant conditions, funding was suspended, pending the conclusion of the investigation.
Last week, a Westchester County Judge awarded Trump more than $4 million on the grounds that Columbus Construction Corporation left the project without "just cause and constituted a material breach of contract.
Independence Federal countered by stating that Carver "was in material breach of its merger agreement" because it was "no longer willing to pay" Independence Federal stockholders $21 a share.
For its part, TI claimed the court indicated it did not believe TI had made a material breach of the companies' agreement, and that Qualcomm was not entitled to terminate the agreement.
Tutor-Saliba's) inability to construct a parking facility that is structurally sound is a material breach of the intent of the contract and is obviously unacceptable,'' Kim Day, the interim executive director of Los Angeles World Airports, wrote to Tutor-Saliba Corp.
For example, the trial court must consider the employee's allegations that the employer committed a prior material breach of a dependent covenant in the contract in determining whether the employer has a substantial likelihood of success on the merits.
In order to reduce the risk that your distributor will bring a wrongful termination claim (and increase the chances that a Japanese court will uphold the termination if a claim is brought), the distribution agreement should impose a series of specific obligations upon the distributor and verify that failure to satisfy any of these obligations constitutes a material breach entitling you to terminate.
Cheney argued in a speech in mid-October that Kay's report "confirms a material breach by the former Iraqi regime of U.
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