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Gravity is a dynamic flow with a concrete purpose - it provides energy to the stars and helps create the stars' material body.
For the first of these relationships, that of puppeteer and puppet, Johnson maintains that '[a]s a hollow material body animated from within by the puppeteer, the hand puppet is most obviously analogous with a dualistic model of the self as consisting of two distinct components, a purely physical form animated by a separate, internal intelligence' (32).
15) Even the natural spiritual soul must undergo a metamorphosis and assume the character of supernatural spiritual being, not by prescinding from the material body but by conforming the material body to the self-giving and life-giving shape of spiritual being, manifest and proclaimed in the form of sacrifice.
Finally, contributors examine the medieval material body, describing the occurrence of leprous feminine flesh as it related to death and de Pizan's representation of death as metamorphosis.
For Swift, the material body limits our access to the realm of rational ideals, and in Gulliver's Travels "the intellectual becomes invested in or is hunted down (as it inevitably is) by the material" (30).
The Equations (1) can be also used to solve electrodynamics problems if the fields on the material body surfaces can be defined by additional physical considerations.
Since cultural studies was born in the 1960s, a material body of knowledge and practice has developed evolutionary ways of interacting with our societies, generating modes of thinking and expression that have influenced most of the disciplines from which it grew, as well as government policy.
So our minds tend to follow this course, and we experience the same confusion when we try to image a massless material body as when we try to imagine a pure mass that does not incarnate in a body.
Nicholas Saul supplies an impressive finish, connecting the Spiritualist obsession with the material body to the racist-nationalist rhetoric of the 20th century.
All that we know and think, including what we know and think about what we know and think, comes from a biologically material body.
The person is neither a material body, nor a pure consciousness, nor an aggregate of a corporeal substance with another mental one, but is that to which both mental and physical predicates are ascribed.
The archaeal digoxin forms the connecting link between the quantal/plasma world and the material body generating one from the other and connecting both together.
In Chapter 2, Sheridan explains that Locke's adherence to the corpuscularian view of material body was a result of the influence of the scientific revolution.
Yet there is a second resonance and that is the sense of the material body that is sufficient unto itself beneath the trappings of their social or socio-economic circumstance.
The worldly nature of the body set social boundaries, since the elite depreciated those people who were concerned with their material body instead of their intellectual and spiritual inner self.
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