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a female head of a family or tribe

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The care of the sacred flame seems to have a direct parallel with the early duties of a materfamilias, for in the early home it had been her duty to keep a flame burning in the community and so avoid the difficult task of sparking a fire anew (Beard 13).
Con posterioridad, en Roma se denomino con el termino materfamilias a la esposa del paterfamilias, no con el objeto de conferirle el mismo status dentro del nucleo familiar, sino simplemente como indicativo de ser la conyuge de aquel, porque bien sabido es que la religion no colocaba a la mujer en un rango especial, pues aunque se le permitia participar en los actos religiosos, no se le consideraba la senora del hogar donde carecia de autoridad y libertad, requiriendo en todos los actos de la vida religiosa un jefe y en los actos de la vida civil un tutor.
Fulfilling her role as materfamilias, Julie cares primarily for her children and her servants (her "children of the house"), nurturing and educating them according to Wolmar's standards and judgments.
From Cezanne, Rowley veers off into Virginia Woolf's semi-autobiographical novel To the Lighthouse, in which the central relationship that unfurls in the pages is that between a young woman painter, Lily Briscoe, and a family romance she has with the Ramsays, particularly the materfamilias Mrs.
Happy the materfamilias who resides in a home she purchased back in the 1960s; less fortunate her granddaughter seeking to buy today (or suckers like me, who bought near the market's all-time peak in July 2006).
Similarly, Marlow's Gordon comes across more as a slightly wimpy guy with a problem than as a man driven to desperate acts by a lunatic materfamilias.
E materfamilias es dicha la muger que biue honestamente en su casa, o es de buenas maneras.
Laura Pallavicina-Sanvitale (1495-1576) became materfamilias of the Zibello branch of the Sanvitale family when her husband died on the battlefield in 1519, leaving her to defend their two sons' property inheritance.
In the final chapters, to cite but one example, Margaret appears to have transmuted into an imperialistic materfamilias, a female Henry in effect, who autocratically "straightens tangles" (288), adjusts "lopsidedness" (282), is "unable to forgive" (283), and "who had charged straight through these Wilcoxes and broken up their lives" (290).
Thus we expect to see visual reminders of the woman's central role, materfamilias, of the family who, at the same time, pays tribute to the prowess of her male provider and partner.
After materfamilias has tasted the delights of shopping on her own doorstep, she may think that the 'local man' fails to do his best for her.
Like Ellen Ross, Davin emphasizes the extent to which maintaining neighborhood respectability fell to the materfamilias.
Bush White House, Barbara Bush, who in her husband's time looked more like the president's mother than his wife, will at least be the materfamilias.
With Mounsey as the Western shrine's materfamilias the master's legacy is ensured.
Presented as a letter to the dead daughter she has murdered with a revolver, The Red Virgin is an apologia for the most extravagant form of materfamilias, the conception of a child whose primary function in life is to find the philosopher's stone.