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Synonyms for materfamilias

a female head of a family or tribe

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Laura Pallavicina-Sanvitale (1495-1576) became materfamilias of the Zibello branch of the Sanvitale family when her husband died on the battlefield in 1519, leaving her to defend their two sons' property inheritance.
Thus we expect to see visual reminders of the woman's central role, materfamilias, of the family who, at the same time, pays tribute to the prowess of her male provider and partner.
After materfamilias has tasted the delights of shopping on her own doorstep, she may think that the 'local man' fails to do his best for her.
Like Ellen Ross, Davin emphasizes the extent to which maintaining neighborhood respectability fell to the materfamilias.
Bush White House, Barbara Bush, who in her husband's time looked more like the president's mother than his wife, will at least be the materfamilias.
With Mounsey as the Western shrine's materfamilias the master's legacy is ensured.
Presented as a letter to the dead daughter she has murdered with a revolver, The Red Virgin is an apologia for the most extravagant form of materfamilias, the conception of a child whose primary function in life is to find the philosopher's stone.