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mated sexually

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used of gloves, socks, etc


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of or relating to a marriage partner

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Such chemical compounds are produced in the male accessory gland of insects (Gillott 1996) known to induce behavioral and physiological changes in the mated female insects (Wolfner 1997; Yi and Gillott 1999).
A second group of mating experiments was designed to determine whether the preference of singly mated individuals of Aplysia californica to act as the sperm donor, when presented immediately with a potential mate (see Results section), is related to the use or depletion of sperm to fertilize eggs.
I observed the male for 30 min after he climbed into the flower, or until he mated with the female.
To verify the results of the electrophysiological analysis, changes in sex pheromone titers produced by mated and virgin females were also investigated using capillary-GC analysis.
They also analysed females' RNA to compare the genes expressed in females mated to males of different strains.
In another paper, Michiels and Anthes report that sea slugs donate more sperm to a partner that's been isolated than to one that's recently mated and so already carries plenty of sperm.
1] males were backcrossed to balancer line virgin females, and the progeny that expressed both recessive markers (m; e or m; ho) and one dominant marker from a balancer (SM5 or TM3) were mated.
cactorum resulting in a total of 41 females mated to control males and 39 mated to irradiated males.
Although members of a mated pair typically alternate as they sing their parts, duos within some species sing in unison.
Females were mated initially (with males denied ME), held isolated from males with access to oviposition substrate, and then offered ME-fed or non-ME-fed males at 1, 2, 3, or 6 weeks after the initial mating.
Most males and females mated repeatedly, sometimes with the same partner multiple times.
A mated pair of black-tailed godwits may fly off to separate wintering grounds a thousand kilometers apart, but they can return to their breeding grounds almost simultaneously, a migration survey has revealed.
The remaining 15 males mated a total of 32 times under our laboratory conditions resulting in a mean mating frequency of 2.