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a short thin stick of wood used in making matches

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And it was all thanks to Nathan creating portraits of frontmen Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt using matchsticks.
David Newtonwith his matchstick Taj Mahal which took him six months to make | 150715TAJ_08 KATIE LUNN
IT'S made of thousands of matchsticks, has replica stained-glass windows, and even took pride of place at Prince William's first public royal duty in 1991 - but for many years this stunning model of Cardiff's Llandaff Cathedral was hidden away in an office.
The groups which attempted to draw triangles to scale did make errors in measuring; in particular, the group which used one square grid equalling one matchstick assumed that the diagonal of the square was equal to the length of the square.
Matchstick declared at CES Flint, an open software and open hardware video-streaming platform created with the Firefox OS.
WHAT YOU WILL NEED: A ruler A pen top A plastic fizzy drink bottle Card A knitting needle Matchsticks A cork Sand Blu-Tack (or similar) WHAT TO DO: Draw an arrow 25 cm long on the card and cut it out.
Stompe and Son has a ring to it, The Matchstick Men is another decent name, and if they stick to darts products The Jolly Oche Sticks has to be a huge runner.
Guards also found a cache of imitation weapons made out of matchsticks, including a Samurai sword, at Category C Usk prison in Monmouthshire, Wales.
Burn bonuses or draw a matchstick to lengthen your time fuse, but don't let the fuse reach the top
Councillor Ian Openshaw claims that enforcement officers give people ample time to pick up what they have dropped, but in this case Bonnar left the matchstick on the ground.
CUNNING lags are building elaborate matchstick models - to hide mobile phones and drugs.
In just four years on the island, Ulhasan from India has already made a mark in people's hearts as the matchstick man.
Fabulous Fun with Puzzles", originally published in 1947 (long before the dumming down effect of popular television programming) includes riddles, brain teasers, matchstick challenges, math posers, and letter puzzles, as well as utilizing pencil and paper, coins and matchsticks as part of puzzle challenges.
LS Lowry, famed for his matchstick men figures, is best known for his quirky views of his native Manchester, but also produced a series of North East pictures and was a regular visitor to Sunderland and Berwick.
And then there was that strange stove, and the sculpture of an enormous matchstick standing on the window ledge, whose "shadow"--actually made of charred wood--looked like another, burned-down matchstick.