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funds that will be supplied in an amount matching the funds available from other sources

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If both bonds passed, LAUSD hopes to receive 50 percent of matching funds from the state for new construction.
Korenstein has raised $77,000, plus $40,000 in matching funds and $10,000 in independent expenditures.
The agreement also outlines significant incentives to be paid from matching funds after debt service to subsidize production and marketing.
The purpose of matching funds in city politics is to level the playing field - not to subsidize big spenders like Smith.
ResearchChannel's Matching Funds Production Awards Program provides production funding for the important work of world-class researchers and brings that work to millions through its television and Internet platforms.
Filer said city grants like the $100,000 given toward the Great Wall project are rarely allocated without the mandate for matching funds.
In addition, the pledge of state matching funds and the pre-funding of the federal share with state matching funds offsets future federal surface transportation program reauthorization risk inherent in the bonds' original 14-year maturity.
He noted the district still has nearly $700 million in BB funds it can use as state matching funds if California voters approve a statewide bond in the fall.
The tourism departments in Mississippi and Louisiana already have indicated a willingness to participate in the matching funds program, and media that have said they want to participate by donating or subsidizing advertising placements are Southern Living, Madden Preprint Media and USDM.
QCA has been awarded $1 million in matching funds through the State of Ohio's Third Frontier Action Fund and has formed the $1.
Even though the terms of the grant do not require matching funds, the city of Lancaster has promised a 10 percent match, about $50,000.
And Los Angeles taxpayers must watch as an additional $600,000 of our tax money is poured into the runoff campaign coffers of the runoff candidates under the guise of public matching funds.
With less than a week remaining until the Tuesday runoff for the 4th District seat formerly held by the late John Ferraro, Garfield's campaign reported its spending in the runoff campaign topped $275,000 - lifting that spending cap for LaBonge as he continues to receive matching funds.