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a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation


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Coun Matchet was banned from being a councillor for three months after making inappropriate comments about sex to a woman at his own Lord Mayor's Ball in 2008.
DISCIPLINE Coventry council HQ where Matchet served SHAMED Ex-Lord Mayor Matchet with wife Caron
Rear (from left): Giles Fearnley, Coun Andy Matchet, Lord Mayor of Coventry, Mike de Courcey (CPT regional chairman), Klaus Kietzer; Nick Jones (traffic commissioner).
with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Coun Andy Matchet and his wife, Caron (centre)
Coventry City Council's standards committee yesterday imposed a 10-day deadline on the already suspended councillor Matchet to sign the letter - fully written by them - or potentially face further penalties.
A proposal was made from officers of the association that Andy Matchet be suspended as a member of the Conservative Party for a period of three months, in line with the suspension from the council.
Crucially, it didn't offend th 45-year-old charity chief executive who'd drunkenly contributed to the sex chat after she and Matchet had danced "flirtily".
THE wife of ex-Coventry Lord Mayor Andy Matchet has spoken out for the first time since his three-month ban as a councillor for "inappropriate" sex talk at his charity ball.
FORMER Coventry Lord Mayor Andy Matchet claims he has been discriminated against as an older man, after losing his appeal against suspension as a councillor for a lewd conversation with two women.
EX-Lord Mayor Andy Matchet was yesterday starting his three-month suspension as a Coventry city councillor after losing his appeal over an "inappropriate" conversation about sex.
WITH reference to the exclusive regarding the former Coventry Lord Mayor, Coun Andy Matchet.
But in this case the drunken man was Lord Mayor Andy Matchet, hosting his charity ball.
THE wonder is not that nCoun Andy Matchet allegedly made sexist comments (Telegraph, Nov 6) but that after years of being imbued with the mores of local authority PC he should say anything whatsoever within earshot of an equality and diversity officer.
It led to a sub-committee of the council's standards committee concluding that Coun Matchet had behaved "inappropriately" and "disrespectfully" in a conversation of a sexual manner with Ms Slegg and another guest, her friend, identified only as Ms X, a married 45-year-old executive of a voluntary organisation.
COVENTRY City Council's proposed suspension of Conservative councillor Andy Matchet has been put on hold after he won the right to appeal.