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someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others

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The Forensic Innovation Research Lab is equipped with many of the latest forensic equipment and software such as Video Spectral Comparator, Speech-Pro SIS and sound analysis , CSI-Pix Matcher for computerized fingerprint analysis, 3D Crime scene reconstruction and processing with FARO Reality, laser scanner for CSI, FDA approved in-vivo 5 medical design studio important for virtual autopsies, iMotions Biometrics Research platform with facial emotions and galvanic skin response.
Figure 2 also shows an example of collaborative dialogue between the director (D) and the matcher (M).
The IGP said that owing to this mega matcher system, Punjab police would become the biggest criminal data bank of the country and it would be the first system through which the sketches of the criminals, data analysis and predictive intelligence system could be improved.
Try to use a credit matcher service that has a 'soft search' function where applications will not show on your credit report.
Starting as a color matcher 44 years ago, La Rocca moved up through the ranks, from an ink formulator, technical service representative, lead project technician, branch manager, Southeast regional manager, seniorVP, Southern Region, and in 2006, to his current position of COO.
Mr Halstead joined the company as a colour matcher in the worsted spinning plant 40 years ago, having already worked for 15 years at Clayton West firm R Beanland.
Grant's research shows that all of us assume one of three types of postures toward others: taker, giver or matcher.
A matcher is somebody who tries to keep an even balance of give and take.
of Nottingham, UK), and Matcher (biomedical engineering, U.
Then we focus on the key component of the system architecture, which is the Matcher.
He was a premier color matcher at Warren Belting Company in Worcester.
The comparison website analysed information from thousands of customers who used its credit card matcher tool between January and August, and found that people with the surname Edwards typically had the best credit profiles.
com , the comparison site, analysed data from thousands of its customers who have used its free Credit Card Matcher Tool this year to reveal the names with the best and worst credit profiles in the UK.
Lava Mobile launches KKT 35 phone with colour matcher, in time for Holi
He lauded Riek Matcher, South Sudan's Vice-president and James Wani Igga, the Speaker of South Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) for what he described a their "able leadership and commitment" exhibited in the last five years of CPA implementation.