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a box for holding matches

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In the mid-1960s, Matchbox (Lesney, the maker, had been founded by two friends after the war) decided they needed something with which to compete.
Gauhar Jan, India's first recorded performing artist, was portrayed on a matchbox by Solo Match Works of Austria in 1903 and the image became an instant success.
There is no expiry date on great literature," says Prasenjit Gupta, the translator of Matchbox .
Matchbox were a band who updated this rockabilly style and and brought it, very successfully, to an Eighties pop audience.
Many created pillows, bed skirts and additional blankets to customize their matchbox beds.
Tree carver Simon O'Rourke, a guest speaker at the launch of networking/business advice forum Matchbox
Is it possible to drop the matchbox without its tipping over?
Paul Doucette, rhythm guitarist and drummer for Matchbox Twenty, says the long break was never the plan.
Since 1953, detailed Matchbox vehicles have inspired and helped create countless unstoppable adventures all over the world.
Now glue on a row of two and finish with a single matchbox.
com)-- Artist Sherry Mills, attempting to commercialize Art Therapy and the Box Art genre simultaneously, and for the first time ever, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her project Matchbox Me: Personalized Box Art On Demand.
URBAN SPLASH has let its 20,000 sq ft Matchbox building in Garston to Dutch gym operator Fit For Free.
Custom software and application development company Matchbox Mobile announced on Thursday that it has developed an Exchange e-mail client for the Zune HD touch-screen digital media player on behalf of Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq:MSFT).
There is certainly a big market for collectable toy or model cars and his bag contained examples by three of the bestknown British producers: Dinky, Matchbox and Corgi.
Roy Kingston, by email APHILLUMENY, also known as matchbox collecting, is a popular and affordable pastime.