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Synonyms for masturbator

a person who practices masturbation

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drunk; the calculus for the would-be masturbator is simpler precisely
How many masturbators reading this would like to plead guilty to those charges?
Yours is the whole 'NHS specs, chronic masturbator, Lord of the Rings' fans vibe" Howard: "But I don't even like Lord of the Rings
Wurm once described his work as engaging with "the difficulty of mastering life," and several of the characters who populated the show are defined by the form of physical restraint, or lack, under which they labor--from the armless would-be onanist in Telekinetischer Masturbator, 2009, to the related pair of vaguely human figures (Jakob/Big Psycho VII and Big Gulp Lying, both 2010) whose incomplete "bodies" are bound in sweaterlike garments with disconcertingly vaginal openings--extending and elaborating the distortions of the artist's Pilobolus-like 1992 performance documentation 59 Positions.
MOANS that no one ever notices him and you wonder why on earth the tantric masturbator considers himself to by wild and crazy gay.
It was not like there was a sex scene in there or a death scene or a rape scene or anything like that,'' says Abrahams, who played the habitual masturbator Jonathan.
Mark Twain may have been a habitual masturbator & a proven liar but he was dead right about one thing when he swore if we don't mend our ways & learn to care some day soon we'll end up windfarming in Nebraska or crash in darkness plumb into the sun.
Theory, as anyone who's dabbled in it knows, is itself promiscuous, double-dealing, sexaholic, and a chronic masturbator.
I'M 53 and a compulsive masturbator which has cost me two good marriages and reduced me to virtual poverty.
I remember leaving the confessional with all these people looking at me, saying 'There's the masturbator.
A smaller, more piquant case was made for Dali as visionary political painter, with the Great Masturbator weighing in on Lenin, Franco, and Hitler.
Accusations of masturbator or freak stick to anyone who actually finds pleasure a solitary occupation, but when such pleasure is combined with a love of illicit substances - cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, booze - its asocial not-niceness should be taken as a lesson in self-reliance.
My problem is that I have now become a compulsive masturbator.
In Salvador Dali's painting Le Grand masturbateur (The great masturbator, 1929), a woman with her eyes closed, as if it intense plealsure, holds her nose against a penis.
Sexus" reifies the fear that ultimate freedom might not simply be the enlightened flouting of social norms, but the pervy plea-sure of the public masturbator.