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any pathology of the breast


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Synonyms of this entity are "focal fibrous disease of the breast," "fibrosis of the breast," "fibrous mastopathy," "fibrous tumor of the breast," and "focal fibrosis of the breast.
Diabetic Mastopathy in Men: Imaging Findings in two patients.
Peril: Diabetic mastopathy is infrequently encountered since breast examination is not performed routinely in younger diabetic patients.
Diabetic mastopathy is an uncommon benign fibro-inflamatory breast disease.
Mastopathy is a fibrous-cystic disease-a non-malignant disease of the mammary gland, characterized by pathologic overgrowth of its tissue, pain and sometimes even pathologic secretion.
Lymphocytic mastopathy, an autoimmune disease of the breast?
They postulated that this form of mastopathy was due to excess estrogens from ovarian follicular cysts which were caused by iodine deficiency.
These treatments also were associated with painful hardening of the breast, known as silicone mastopathy, a condition in which it becomes virtually impossible to remove the silicone.
That effort turned up four more women with the condition, known as diabetic mastopathy.
Some synonyms include radial scar, radial sclerosing lesion, and indurative mastopathy.
Diabetic mastopathy (DM) is a rare and benign fibroinflammatory condition of the breast.