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surgical removal of some or all of the mastoid process

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In this study, clinical investigations focused on the surgical effect of an intact canal wall mastoidectomy and mastoidectomy combined with tympanostomy tube (TT) or balloon dilation eustachian tuboplasty (BDET).
The tumor resection began via a transmastoid/ transcanal approach, but it was converted to a canal-wall-down mastoidectomy in view of the size of the remaining tumor and the difficulty in achieving hemostasis.
Keywords: Chronic Otitis Media, Mastoidectomy, Meatal Obstruction.
Single-stage mastoidectomy was performed by drilling the upper third of the posterior canal wall together with the attic, leaving the remaining lower two-thirds intact.
Methods: A total of 78 patients (81 ears) with otitis media were treated by canal wall up mastoidectomy in combination with Type I tympanoplasty.
It is also important to note that early surgical intervention not only has a role in the prevention of intracranial spread of infection, but that mastoidectomy can also be performed at the time of a surgical intervention indicated for an already established intracranial complication of otomastoiditis.
Therefore, only the planned mastoidectomy was performed; no specimens were sent for culture.
Mastoidectomy reconstruction of the posterior wall and obliteration (MAPRO): preliminary results.
It has been reported that asymmetric thermal inputs following water exposure may cause vertigo in swimmers who had undergone mastoidectomy [8].
1-3] Cortical mastoidectomy followed by graft application gives a good result after a preoperative evaluation under CT/MRI.
In this case, patient underwent Luc's abscess drainage via retroauricular approach followed by a modified radical mastoidectomy to remove all disease and to prevent future recurrence.
Whether or not a cortical mastoidectomy should be performed in all cases is controversial.
Following is detailed coverage of general otosurgical procedures, myringoplasty, ossiculoplasty, simple mastoidectomy, and canal wall tympanoplasty, among other topics.