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pain in the breast

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Nomenclature contributes to the problem, with various terms such as mastodynia, mastitis and fibrocystic disease being used.
The German Commission E approved chaste tree for menstrual cycle irregularity, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and mastodynia (breast pain).
Other adverse events, including gynecomastia, mastodynia, and impotence were low or absent and did not differ among the treatment groups.
Chasteberry is one of the most popular herbs for treating female health problems caused by hormonal imbalance, including premenstrual syndrome, difficult in conceiving, mastodynia, acne, hyperprolactinemia, corpus luteum insufficiency, endometriosis, and menopausal symptoms.
Allevation of mastodynia and the pre-menstrual syndrome with an extract of Lycopus europaeus (Thyreo-gutt).
PMS patients do not suffer from prolactinomas, but they hypersecrete prolactin in response to daily stressful events, which appears to stimulate the mammary gland and thereby cause mastodynia.