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a large connective tissue cell that contains histamine and heparin and serotonin which are released in allergic reactions or in response to injury or inflammation

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IgE induces release of inflammatory mediators such as histamine and cytokine from mastocytes and leukocytes.
In the microscopic evaluation, cellular infiltration, dilatation of the gastric glands, ulcers, edema, hemorrhage and an increase in the number of mastocytes and eosinophils [4, 5, 11, 14, 17, 54, 89] are observed.
The protein can be IgE; IgE fragment; IgE Fc fragment; antibody against IgE receptor of mastocytes and basophils; fragment of the antibody against the IgE receptor of mastocytes and basophils; antibody against mastocyte specific potassium channel; and mast cell degranulating peptide.
Therefore, diagnosis must be confirmed by histopathologic studies, which allow visualizing the capsule of the fibrous connective tissue surrounding the granulomatous tissue and important cells such as lymphocytes, associated to plasma cells, neutrophils, histiocytes, an eventually mastocytes and eosinophils.
Review of the literature has suggested that serum tryptase may be considered as a new marker of the instability of atheromatous plaque with regard to the existence of mastocytes in heart tissue.