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inflammation of a breast (or udder)

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The NHF had also strongly argued at the previous meeting that JECFA had overlooked negative study results from the industry itself, and even the product warning labeling for Monsanto's rBGH product (Posilac), which cautions users about a possible increase in mastitis in cows injected with Posilac.
They said if animal was suffering from clinical mastitis, systemic treatment was required that include intramuscular administration of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.
As a result, they discovered that acute mastitis was more likely in ewes with poor udder conformation, teat lesions and inadequate nutrition in pregnancy, as well as those feeding twins or triplets.
It has been reported that the parenteral use of Se and Vit E during late pregnancy provides increased fertilization in the number of service per conception and pregnancy rate, decreased open days, ovarian cysts, incidence of mastitis and retained placenta (Harrison et al.
Vets say one example is a flock with 8% ewe mortality, a high cull rate due to mastitis and poor condition resulting in a high net replacement cost and lambs often with poorer growth rates.
In the study, women with mastitis were given probiotics that had been extracted from breast milk and the treatment of their mastitis did better compared with the condition when tackled with antibiotics.
He said a pharmaceutical company that has licensed the poultry vaccines met with him and representatives from several countries recently to discuss the possibility of developing the mastitis vaccine.
Brain abscess following mastitis in a 3-month-old infant.
The microbiological quality of milk can be affected by many factors such as adulteration, contamination during and after milking, the presence of mastitis, method of milking, race, animal health, stage of lactation, season [42], feeding [10] and the hygiene of farms [4].
Eosinophilic Mastitis is a very rare entity, confirmed by the fact that, to date only five other cases have been reported in the literature.
This volume contains the proceedings of a 2011 conference sponsored by the UGCN Dutch Udder Health Centre pertaining to the issues of mastitis as well as the strategies undertaken by agencies to communicate with farmers and to promote udder health and maintain milk quality.
A friend mentioned that she's suffered with mastitis after giving birth and it sounds as if this could be the problem.
The anti-microbial peptide could be a potent weapon against dangerous pathogens, particularly mastitis which is one of the most serious threats to productivity in the dairy industry across the world.
leachii was reported infrequently as a cause of polyarthritis in calves and mastitis in cows; the pathogen was also isolated from aborted fetuses and pneumonic bovine lungs (3-6) and from small ruminant hosts (7).