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an old breed of powerful deep-chested smooth-coated dog used chiefly as a watchdog and guard dog

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At the sounds of her voice, the rage of the mastiff, instead of being at all diminished, was very sensibly increased.
But age, and his pampered life, greatly disqualified the noble mastiff for such a struggle.
Second-floor back windows all open, atmosphere as sultry as ever, gardener's pruning-ladder quite safe in the tool-shed, savage mastiff in his kennel crunching his bones for supper.
The dog's jaw, as shown in the space between these marks, is too broad in my opinion for a terrier and not broad enough for a mastiff.
These creatures were of the size of a large mastiff, but infinitely more nimble and fierce; so that if I had taken off my belt before I went to sleep, I must have infallibly been torn to pieces and devoured.
And there lies my faithful mastiff at the threshold.
The mastiff of which he had spoken got up from the threshold, and stood on his hinder legs, so as to put his fore paws on the chariot wheel.
To tell you the truth, his three-headed mastiff would never let me pass the gateway; for I should be compelled to take a sheaf of sunbeams along with me, and those, you know, are forbidden things in Pluto's kingdom.
Quicksilver accordingly made the best of his way to the great gate, took a flying leap right over the three-headed mastiff, and stood at the door of the palace in an inconceivably short time.
Just at that moment the door flew open, in came two huge mastiffs, and the two mice had to scamper down and run off.
At the sound, two large Mastiffs appeared, dressed in Carabineers' uniforms.
Or shall I, as the mastiffs do, Roll me before thee?
In addition, the party received reports of illegal breeding of the Argentinian Mastiff.
A 76-year-old man from Redwood City, California, shot and killed his pet Mastiff on Wednesday after it reportedly attacked and bit him in the leg while they were out for a walk, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office said.
He is a Neapolitan mastiff type dog, grey in colour.