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biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

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And how are these mastication seminars going to work?
Muscles of mastication are the muscles associated with TMJ that are primarily involved in the act of mastication.
Chewing should occur after cutting the food with the incisors, with closed lips, without noise or exaggerated participation of the perioral musculature, with lateralization and alternating bilateral mastication, with rotational movements of the mandible and with muscular strength symmetry (4).
These findings could be explained by the fact that most people in India are aware of only the mastication function served by the teeth.
That makes chaparral a major focus of efforts to manage fire risk by reducing wildland fuels loads -- typically through prescribed fire and mastication (mechanical chopping).
Processing methodologies include mastication and other methods like mixing, extrusion, and calendering.
Masticatory muscle myositis is an autoimmune canine myopathy causing focal inflammation of muscles of mastication including the temporalis, masseter, pterygoid and rostral digastricus, all of which are innervated by mandibular branch of trigeminal nerve (Bolfa et al.
Oral and maxillofacial region is gifted with four out of five special senses, the complexity is added with additional job of phonation, mastication, respiration and esthetics.
Treatment of double lip is indicated when the excess tissue interferes with mastication, speech or leads to habits such as sucking or biting of the redundant tissue or is of aesthetic concern.
Juliette has to have one of the most interesting and challenging positions at this mecca of mastication and she is a fierce advocate of locally sourced produce.
Posterolaterally it was extended into infratemporal fossa involving muscles of mastication.
Palatal perforations compromise swallowing, mastication, and speech.
Mastication is best done in the privacy of your own home.
Key statement: The present invention provides a rubber composition for an inner liner, which can achieve both excellent low heat build-up and high flex crack growth resistance while having processability excellent enough to eliminate the need for mastication and further has good air impermeability and also provides a pneumatic tire produced using the rubber composition.