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Synonyms for masthead

a listing printed in all issues of a newspaper or magazine (usually on the editorial page) that gives the name of the publication and the names of the editorial staff, etc


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the title of a newspaper or magazine

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the head or top of a mast

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The new offering, dubbed the 'Premium Publisher Homepage Masthead' allows advertisers to use the masthead position across 12 websites, allowing them to take advantage of high viewability for 24 hours across mobile and desktop through a single buying interface.
This is an industry first and Coca Cola, in partnership with StarcomMediavest Pakistan, the Agency Of The Future #AOTF, became the first advertiser to utilize the Premium Publisher Homepage Masthead simultaneously across 12 websites.
The new look of the masthead aligns with the mission, vision, and new logo; and provides a fresh new cover.
The recognizable Utah Business masthead was introduced a decade ago.
Today, Michael O'Malley, a senior lecturer in graphic design at Teesside University, examines how The Gazette masthead has changed over its 146-year history, reflecting fashions and cultural trends of the time.
Yesterday we dropped the A and O from our masthead to back NHS Blood and Transplant's Missing Type campaign.
Masthead Industries currently operates hose sales and service stores known as "HosePower.
Agritech firm Bell-Booth is to showcase its innovative probiotic products Queen of Calves and X-Factor through 'Field Trials', the new rural masthead product by content marketing company BrandWorld.
In fact, it's a magic masthead today - if you take a minute to download the right app.
I also have a special gold copy of the Daily Mail masthead which I treasure.
They strongly recommends that owners/operators of any vessel should installed SEACHOICE product (#03201 only) as a masthead, stern or other type of navigation light to remove it and replace it with a proper light that meets the requirements for the vessel and application.
Phoenix-based Masthead International aims to stimulate projects while maximizing the productivity of customers' installed equipment at the lowest cost through its "Metrosaver" options: a "new broadsheet" for two-around, stitched and sectionalized tabloid conversion rather than three-around short-Berliner conversion, and what it calls a "hybrid" singlewide conversion.
Kuala Lumpur, Feb 27 (ANI): The word Allah can be used by the Catholic Herald magazine in Malaysia provided the publication clearly states the word is "For Christians only" in its masthead.
The National Defense Transportation Association emerged on April 25, 1949-and with it a new logo and a new masthead for the Defense Transportation Journal.