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Again I say it is a great pity that criticism is not honest about the masterpieces of literature, and does not confess that they are not every moment masterly, that they are often dull and tough and dry, as is certainly the case with Dante's.
One would rather write masterpieces of literature no doubt -- but meanwhile board and tuition fees have to be paid.
I shall leave masterpieces alone and do hack-work - jokes, paragraphs, feature articles, humorous verse, and society verse - all the rot for which there seems so much demand.
Hack- work and income first, masterpieces afterward.
We can't get married on masterpieces that won't sell.
Nevertheless this version has served as the starting point for almost all those that have come after it in English, as even a hasty reader of this one must be conscious; and no reader can fail to admire in it the sturdy Saxon vigor which has helped to make our own version one of the great masterpieces of English literature.
Actually to get together all the Arthurian romances was not possible for any man in Malory's day, or in any other, but he gathered up a goodly number, most of them, at least, written in French, and combined them, on the whole with unusual skill, into a work of about one-tenth their original bulk, which still ranks, with all qualifications, as one of the masterpieces of English literature.
The doctor, with the telegrams in his hand, made his way down a splendid staircase, past the long picture gallery where masterpieces of Van Dyck and Rubens frowned and leered down upon him; descended the final stretch of broad oak stairs, crossed the hail, and entered his master's rooms.
But the partnership with Masterpiece Flower Company has also allowed the Byron Center, Mich.
Many complications multiply, and finally the unknown fingerpaint masterpiece is awarded first place
The MasterPiece Arms MPA57SST-ATACS Defender semi-auto, side-cocker pistol, based on the successful standard MAC design, is available in a 5" fixed barrel with an A-TAGS hydrographic coating.
Masterpiece Graphix (MGX) is expanding its involvement with digital printers by providing products to the Xeikon Family of presses and press-owners through the Xeikon Aura Partner Network.
Right now, the minimum guaranteed auction price of the Masterpiece exceeds $700,000.
Tennant will make his debut on the longrunning TV anthology, Masterpiece Contemporary, this autumn, its producing station, WGBH, announced yesterday.
COURT MASTERPIECE produced a knockout punch at Goodwood to dump his Sussex Stakes rivals on the canvas - as 'good thing' Araafa turned out to be a fake.