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Synonyms for mastermind

Synonyms for mastermind

someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

plan and direct (a complex undertaking)

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All registrations for Mastermind Groups are now handled by Russell Williams.
The case was investigated by the United Nations, Scotland Yard, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Punjab police during the decade but no agency could reach the real mastermind behind BB's murder.
The same court has yet to issue a separate ruling on a similar bail petition filed by Reyes' brother and suspected mastermind, former Palawan Gov.
The Millionaire Masterminds new Mortgage Ads-Pro Edition is the answer the industry has waited for.
Joining a mastermind gets you out of your box and helps you find answers faster than you would on your own.
Current law dictates that only one defendant can be charged as a mastermind, while their alleged accomplices face less serious charges and shorter prison sentences.
He also reiterated that the masterminds of the recent unrests in Tehran should be aware that because they have refused to take the opportunity to return to the people's side, they will face the toughest punishment for their deeds according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Realize that a mastermind is very different from a networking group, a professional association or a common interest group.
If Pakistan does not bring the other masterminds to trial, I have to conclude, reluctantly and regretfully, that Pakistan is still dragging its feet," Chidambaram said.
the Beltway was published, she appeared as an expert wittness before the blue-ribbon commission investigating 9/11, testifying that "there is substantial reason to believe that these masterminds [of both the '93 and 9/11 Trade Center attacks] are Iraqi intelligence agents.
Clearly, today we're seeing a trend of women initiating the criminality: women as masterminds, women as predators,'' said Michael Rustigan, professor of criminology at San Francisco State University.
It charges Mohammed Abbas, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Front, with "Masterminding" the entire operation, yet winks at masterminds Begin and Sharon in Lebanon and Iraq; mastermind Thatcher in the sinking of the Argentine ship General Belgrano; mastermind Botha from Cape Town to Lusaka; and mastermind Mitterrand in Auckland harbor.
We call it Wayfare Marketing[TM], engaging the consumer during every step of the journey," says Nancy Smith, CEO of Masterminds, an award winning Atlantic City, New Jersey-based advertising and strategic marketing firm.
Miles was recently selected and completed The Millionaire Masterminds Elite Real Estate Mastermind with one of TV's hottest celebrity broker, Fredrik Eklund.
Pool 'A' features Team Concepts 'A', Team Genius 'B', Team Innovations 'A' and Team Masterminds 'A'.