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becoming proficient in the use of something

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the act of making a master recording from which copies can be made

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Singulus Mastering is the global leader for the optical disc manufacturing industry.
Not only does this "super-resolution" technology enable next generation mastering using standard blue diode and UV lasers, but it also preserves the DRAW (Direct Read After Write) Mastering capability for precise process control.
I am very pleased with the assistance QuVIS provided us in Venice, as well as the excellent support given to us in China during the mastering process.
GEAR PRO Mastering Edition can also be used to automate routine backup and duplication tasks using command scripts or batch files.
Sonic is the first company to incorporate audio compression technology into the standard music mastering process, with the objective of providing better quality audio for digital delivery.
In preparation for this business, Future Disc has completed Studio 7, a new DVD suite for DVD audio and video encoding, and is preparing Studio 6 for high-resolution digital audio and Surround Sound mastering.
The new Mastering design reflects a global outlook, with a blue and green earth globe graphic prominently displayed on the front cover.
OTC EBB: TTRE), a leader in digital anti-piracy technology, announced today 20 additional leading global mastering and replication sites which are enabled to produce DiscGuard(TM) protected optical-media.
Panasonic Broadcast's D-5 HD format, which sets the industry standard for high-quality HDTV recording, mastering and program distribution, was used extensively in the production of the digital master of the film, and Panasonic's AJ-HDP500 HD processor (incorporated in all D-5 HD VTRS) is teamed with Pluto Technologies hard disk-based HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for playback of the HD images at the four "Star Wars" test cinemas.
NASDAQ:MASC) and its subsidiary, Mastering Computers, to help organizations address the costly and critical shortage of skilled IT personnel.