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understood perfectly


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vQuote changes the equation for mastered content owners and consumers by reconciling the desire of consumers to personalize meaningful content and make it their own, and content owners' fears of losing control, integrity and monetization of their content," said Mark Sigal, CEO of vSocial.
While the benefit to the consumer of the content is obvious, vQuote also enriches the mastered content owner's content in three ways.
Two, as enabled by vSocial's MyBrand functionality (part of its vConnect social networking for video platform), the sampled content maintains the watermark branding of the mastered content, ensuring that brand integrity is maintained from master to derivative.
Granular controls allow mastered content owners to decide whether they want to enable their content to be sampled, how long samples can be in time duration, etc.
Thirty-five films were digitally mastered for the 11-day marathon, with assistance from Impianti Televisivi Cinema, QuVIS' Authorized Distributor in Italy.