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the senior petty officer

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The master-at-arms decides finally to frame Budd by accusing him of leading a conspiracy to mutiny.
Bartley's cynical disdain reminded me of another Melville character, Claggart, master-at-arms on the Indomitable, who frames the virtuous Billy Budd.
69) The Chief Master-at-Arms of a Navy Base Company agreed that the Navy's larger discriminatory practices put his black sailors on constant edge: "The boys are not getting what they were promised.
In Billy Budd it is presented in its starkest form, with Billy and Claggart, the villainous master-at-arms, representing almost allegorically abstract opposites.
Billy was a cheerful, stabilizing influence on the rough crew of the merchantman; when he is taken aboard the Indomitable, he is popular with all the officers and crew except John Claggart, the master-at-arms, who is envious of Billy's almost perfect physique and personality.
Chuck Sketch; Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Nathan DeWalt; and other wounded veterans who served in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
The children learned more about the MWD through a question and answer session provided by Master-at Arms 2nd Class Erick Ortiz and Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Arthur Vaughan, who serve as dog handlers.
However, according to newspaper reports in the US the navy stated that charges brought against Senior Chief Master-at-Arms Toussaint were exaggerated.
The distinguished honor was achieved by Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Luis Reyes.
Once upon a time in the Land of the Rising Sun (except the sun hadn't risen yet and in fact hadn't even started to think about rising, since it was 0345), a master-at-arms climbed behind the wheel of his trusty truck and headed out on patrol.
The performance features a young Peter Glossop as the guileless, innocent Billy Budd, Michael Langdon as the blackhearted master-at-arms, John Claggart, and Peter Pears as the damned-if-you-do-dainned-if-you-don't Captain Vere.
Nathan Hunt; Airman 1st Class Delvin McMillian; Army Chinook gunner crewman Juan Carlos Hernandez; Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Nathan DeWalt, who will be riding with his father; actor Mike Vogel ("Miami Medical," "Cloverfield"); 12 teams from Veterans Affairs facilities throughout California; and other wounded veterans who served in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Selected FISC Sailors go through a rigorous two-week Security Force Academy training program under the expert supervision of highly skilled master-at-arms personnel who perform law enforcement, antiterrorism, force protection and expeditionary warfare duties.
Officer Wisnieski also is a master-at-arms in the Naval Reserve.
Our Company employs exclusively former Navy SEALs and Naval Police Master-At-Arms with extensive, real-world experience in maritime operations and combat.
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