master sergeant

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a senior noncommissioned officer in the Army or Marines

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And if we honor his life and take lessons from his good and noble service, then Master Sergeant Woody Keeble will serve his country once again.
Everyone thought the timeline was very close to an actual one," said Master Sergeant Mosher.
Chief Master Sergeant Jim Howell, a "pathfinder" in every sense of the word, establishing in 1963 the upper limits of HALO (high altitude, low opening) operations when he jumped from over 43,000 feet.
Master Sergeant Mark Vasquez (USAR-NCO), telephone (573) 563-7096, e-mail <margarito.
General (Donald) Cook (Commander, Air Education and Training Command), Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Murray and our former Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force, Command Chiefs, First Sergeants, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I'm honored and humbled to be here tonight to accept this award and to address this audience of devoted airmen and their families.
It was the Air Force that first brought Stewart to Nevada - Nellis Air Force Base; he returned to Las Vegas after retiring from the Air Force as a Senior Master Sergeant.
Ancient Order of the Dragon Master Sergeant Joseph M.
He has also held the position of command chief master sergeant at the wing, numbered air force and major command level.
The new chief has been in the Air Force since 1976 and has been a chief master sergeant since 1995.
And this captain comes up to me, and he's got his chief master sergeant behind him, and they come up and salute and he says, "Sir, this is my runway.
Special speakers for the dinner are Master Sergeant William A.
Two individuals were recognized during the conference: Master Sergeant Bronte Stewart and Mr.
I've had occasion to travel over to Southwest Asia and I love to tell the story of the young engineer on the ramp at one of our bases over there who comes up with his chief master sergeant and salutes and says, "Sir, I am Captain so-and-so and this is Chief so-and-so.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - An Edwards chief master sergeant is among eight Air Force enlisted people selected to attend the Air Force Institute of Technology.
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