master race

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a race that considers itself superior to all others and fitted to rule the others


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12-May 2, University Park: "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race.
JUST like with the old master race under Adolf Hitler, good jobs in Britain are reserved for the new master race - the white-faced ethnic majority type with non-foreign sounding names.
Max and her 'flock; accompanied by a talking dog and pursued by vicious half-wolf Erasers and crazy scientists, are on the run again, trying to stop the destruction of half the world's population while the other half is turned into a scientifically engineered master race.
society, and a quasi-religious zeal to inflict eugenics on the people of the United States and, thereby, create a master race in America.
STEVENSON RANCH - Ryan Baker's goals in life are to be on the big screen, rule the streets with his skateboard and master race car video games.
What unites such people is a primitive, atavistic morality that identifies "we" as a superior race, God's chosen people, a master race, and so forth, while "they" are considered inferior.
Having recorded eight studio albums, Sullivan had a wealth of great songs to choose from, with Master Race, Great Expectations and the Green and the Grey delighting all his fans.
American pro-life activist John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe and his sister Katharine O'Keefe have documented the development and consequences of eugenics--that pernicious creed which advocates the building of a master race through selective breeding.
Ferguson often jokingly refers to Scots as the master race.
He dreamed of a blond SS Master Race (Herrenmenschen) residing in new fortified Ordensburgen and making the subjugated Slays slave for them.
Also, scientists and researchers assisted in programs to create a master race through the use of eugenics and the promotion of selective breeding.
McNay traces his subject's unappealing affections to the Acheson family's Ulster Protestant roots, a culture in which Irish Catholics and subject peoples everywhere were viewed with lofty derision, and the Empire as guardian of the privileges of the master race.
You've spent a ton of your country's money to host the biggest, gaudiest Olympic Games ever, and you want them to prove that your white countrymen are the world's master race.
Herrenvolk democracy, the other argument, held that Africans were subhuman and therefore subject to the master race and unfit for participation in the republic.
The metal master race sit secure that they will not be the ones to go.
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