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Synonyms for master

Synonyms for master

one who is highest in rank or authority

a person who has legal title to property

one that conquers

a person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field

a first form from which varieties arise or imitations are made

having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill

to gain knowledge or mastery of by study

to win a victory over, as in battle or a competition

to train to live with and be of use to people

to make (an animal) docile

Synonyms for master

an artist of consummate skill

a person who has general authority over others

a combatant who is able to defeat rivals

directs the work of others

presiding officer of a school

an original creation (i

Related Words

an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship

someone who holds a master's degree from academic institution

an authority qualified to teach apprentices

key that secures entrance everywhere

be or become completely proficient or skilled in


Related Words

have dominance or the power to defeat over

have a firm understanding or knowledge of


most important element

References in classic literature ?
My master sent me for a fortnight to a neighboring farmer's, who had a meadow which was skirted on one side by the railway.
My master often drove me in double harness with my mother, because she was steady and could teach me how to go better than a strange horse.
But he does desire it, very earnestly, and his master promised it," said Miss Ophelia.
Aunt Hester went out one night,-- where or for what I do not know,--and happened to be absent when my master desired her presence.
How, knave,'' replied his master, ``wilt thou not obey my commands?
My master took a lodging in the principal street of the city, not far from the royal palace, and put out bills in the usual form, containing an exact description of my person and parts.
The curate consoled him, telling him that when his master was found he would get him to renew the order, and make a fresh draft on paper, as was usual and customary; for those made in notebooks were never accepted or honoured.
Wherefore, teach them their multiplication-table, good Master Cheever, and whip them well when they deserve it; for much of the country's welfare depends on these boys.
I am not talking to you of that, Master Jacques Charmolue, but of the trial of your magician.
No master could have been more unfitted to teach things to so shy a boy as Philip.
He was put into a baggage-car by the master, chained in a corner in the midst of heaped trunks and valises.
throve by had died long enough ago for pedigrees to get confused, and identities disputable; and if I had been desirous of really purchasing a genuine Old Master for myself--speaking as a practical man--I don't know where I should have gone to ask for one, or whose judgment I could have safely relied on to guard me from being cheated, before I bought it.
The gaiety of Tom's temper suited better with Sophia, than the grave and sober disposition of Master Blifil.
Surely it is our friend the young master, whom we have had glimpses of before, but his face has gained a great deal since we last came across him.
Well, then, Master George Osborne had every comfort and luxury that a wealthy and lavish old grandfather thought fit to provide.