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a large connective tissue cell that contains histamine and heparin and serotonin which are released in allergic reactions or in response to injury or inflammation

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We are proud to support the creation of Mast Cell Connect, the first-ever open-model registry to capture the perspective of patients living with mastocytosis," said Jeffrey Albers, Chief Executive Officer of Blueprint Medicines.
Type 3 variant: the use of mast cell stabilisers in association with steroids and antihistamines is recommended.
The exact mechanism by which this inhibition is accomplished is not completely understood, but the following details of cromolyn activity and mast cell function are known:
Mast cell mediators include preformed molecules such as histamine and proteases stored in secretory granules (Kalesnikoff and Galli, 2008; Yamada et al.
Over the past years, researchers have identified several mast cell molecules which can be targets of new drugs.
Follow-up marrow revealed no evidence of AML, 5% residual mast cell infiltrate, and focal increased reticular fibrosis.
VEGF concentration from plasma-activated platelets rich correlates with microvascular density and grading in canine mast cell tumour spontaneous model.
The surface of a mast cell has a number of different receptors, including those for IgE antibodies and the complement fragments C3a and C5a--the anaphylotoxins (see Figure 1, p22).
Furthermore, as shown in Figure 3C, mast cell levels in the jejunum of OVA-sensitized mice were significantly higher than that of sham-sensitized mice (p<0.
Primary mast cell cultures were derived from bone marrow of knockout wild-type mice that were deficient in estrogen receptor-a (ER-[alpha]).
Skin lumps can be serious, especially if they are mast cell tumours.
Subtypes of systemic mastocytosis are defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) according to the distribution of abnormal mast cell infiltrates and the clinical presentation.
The etiology of PBS/IC remains uncertain, but various factors or mechanisms are involved, including reduced bladder surface mucin, occult infection, neurogenic alteration, mast cell activation, toxic substances in the urine and autoimmunity.
A minimal invasive procedure to measure histamine levels in venous blood draining the site of intradermal challenges with histamine, morphine and antigen was utilised to monitor cutaneous mast cell degranulation in vivo in man (56).
This case report describes both a cutaneous mast cell tumor and disseminated mastocytosis in a lovebird.