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a block of the earth's crust bounded by faults and shifted to form peaks of a mountain range

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Selon lui, " la chef de la diplomatie europeenne, Federica Mogherini, a annonce, aujourd'hui a Bruxelles, un renforcement massif du soutien de l'Union europeenne (UE) a la Tunisie ".
Slowly into stride, Massif Central was niggled along by Kevin Manning soon after half-way, but responded well, running on under hand and heels riding to finish third behind Leo Minor in a five-horse race.
On January 17, after a few days of snow had halted any movement, 20 of the 26 participants and 5 guides of the expedition successfully reached the summit, making it the largest summit group in the history of Vinson Massif.
The evolution of stress and deformation fields depends on their compensation coefficient, and has a significant impact on the behaviour of the Ksiaz Massif.
Samtech was the successful bidder for the Massif business at an auction held on 20 August.
Modernization of a pumping station of the Arkinsky Massif, providing 3 thousand hectares of land with irrigation water, is being considered," Sarpashev noticed.
The researchers report September 8 in Nature Geoscience that Tamu Massif forms a broad, rounded dome rising about 4 kilometers from the seafloor and stretching 450 by 650 kilometers across.
A team writing in the journal Nature Geosciences says the 310,000 sq km (119,000 sq mi) Tamu Massif is comparable in size to Mars' vast Olympus Mons volcano : the largest in the Solar System.
The Tamu Massif volcano, located 1,000 miles east of Japan, is one of the biggest in the entire solar system, covering 119,000 square miles, rising 2.
Located about 1,000 miles east of Japan, Tamu Massif, is nearly as big as the giant volcanoes of Mars, placing it among the largest in the Solar System.
The Tamu Massif was found about 1,600 kilometers east of Japan, University of Houston professor William Sager, who led a team of scientists in the discovery, told CNN.
A elle seule, la canicule, qui regne sur le pays depuis une semaine, n'explique pas cet afflux massif des Marocains sur les bords de mer.
Recently, the established sheep flock which grazed the area of the Cheviot massif within College Valley were removed when the estate decided to lower livestock numbers and put an even greater emphasis on conservation management.