mass-energy equivalence

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(physics) the principle that a measured quantity of mass is equivalent (according to relativity theory) to a measured quantity of energy

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1/2] [approximately equal to] 1 - x/2 when x is small; hence, we obtain the same equation as the gravitational redshift obtained from mass-energy equivalence.
From the mass-energy equivalence, there is an implicit duality between photon and mass, in which energies appear to be indissociable from one another.
And this august body, which had entertained previous misgivings about Einstein's principle of mass-energy equivalence, reacted positively by awarding the Nobel Prize to Otto Hahn.
This paper explains how within Schwarzschild's solution [2] to Einstein's field equations the effects of gravity can be represented as a velocity and as an apportionment of mass-energy equivalence.
Only after the advent of Special relativity it was recognised that the solar energy comes from the high temperature fusion of light nuclei through the Einstein's mass-energy equivalence.
It cannot come from the Einstein's mass-energy equivalence, considering the low gas temperature within the Bok globules.
Thus the generalized mass-energy equivalence may be stated as