mass spectrum

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a distribution of ions as shown by a mass spectrograph or a mass spectrometer

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Each mass spectrum was internally calibrated by use of the monoisotopic peaks that directly flanked the [[M + [11H.
The sulfhydryl adducts greatly complicate the mass spectrum and subsequent interpretation.
The ES mass spectrum of the intact globin chains from the third case showed a [beta] variant ([[beta].
Well, it turns out that if we use a relatively uniform sample of bacteria such as a single colony from a microbiological media plate as a target, we get a very complex mass spectrum pattern out of our MALDI-TOF.
50%] denotes mass spectral peak full width at half height) and high mass accuracy (< 1 ppm), enabling the identification of thousands of polar species in a single mass spectrum [23, 24].
The process is automated (following instrument calibration), with the mass spectrum of the test isolate generated and compared against a database of reference spectra.
Under consideration of (6) now we can create a fractal scaling model of the mass spectrum of model particles.
13]CNMR and mass spectrum were consistent with the structure proposed for D:A-friedo-oleanan-3-one (1).
The resulting mass spectrum gives a representation of the elemental and/ or molecular composition of the material of interest.
The device requires little training, produces no solvent waste, and yields the easily-interpretable DART mass spectrum.
On May 10, the Beijing Mass Spectrum Center, which is a joint accrediting body based on the Chinese Academy of Science, identified the liquid in the ancient pot as wine.
Ionization was by electron impact at 70 eV Identifications of the volatiles emitted by the coffee leafminer females were based on retention time, mass spectrum compared with the mass spectrum of synthetic standards, or tentatively identified based on the fragmentation pattern suggested by Pomonis et al.