mass murder

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the savage and excessive killing of many people

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We are more worried that these mass murders have continued unabated as if our security agencies are helpless,' he said.
I file this complaint for the crimes of mass murder and other related and resultant crimes through reckless imprudence, and negligence, and plunder, and graft and corruption, for and on behalf of 733,000 school children who were inoculated with the deadly vaccine Dengvaxia through apparent recklessness and negligence, and their apparent anxiety to spend P3.
He told Syed: "Overall you were, and you remained, intent upon and committed to carrying out an act of mass murder in this country.
The obstacle to mitigating and frustrating Assad's mass murder agenda seems to focus on the position the issue occupies on the president's list of foreign policy priorities.
Film and television rights of Mass Murder in America have already been optioned to Apple Road Films, LLC for development and production.
The authors' study shows that 20%-30% of the suicides preceded by mass murder stem from contagion.
Disaffected teens, who feel wronged in some way by their peers or people in authority, turning to violent acts, including mass murder, to eke out their revenge.
When the mass murders took place, Archie was only 20 years old while Jan Michael was 18 years old.
Connor, via email Mass murder for political reasons is different to mass murder for racial reasons.
Red Army soldiers' and officers' perception of civilian casualties in World War II, including the Nazis' mass murder of Jews, or the Holocaust, was in large measure a function of the prevailing views of society more generally.
The fatal stabbing, which took place during a house party, is considered to be the worst mass murder in the history of Calgary.
Summary: Bangladesh's Supreme Court on Tuesday sentenced a senior Islamist leader to death for mass murder, .
He was accused of lying 19 times during the 2003 trial of Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri, who were acquitted of mass murder and conspiracy in the bombing of the flight on June 23, 1985.
In the United States, the Obama administration already has declared that the War on Tenor must be renamed "an overseas contingency operation," and the mass murder of our soldiers at Fort Hood by an enraged jihadist terrorist has become an example of "workplace violence.
A Virginia college, a Colorado high school, a Texas military base, an Arizona strip mall, a Colorado movie theatre - all have become part of a recurring event in America: mass murder.