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Synonyms for masquerader

a participant in a masquerade

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Review: Vocal cord dysfunction: masquerader of asthma.
Sirce, a 10-1 chance, upset Frankie Dettori on 2-1 favourite Masquerader in the Norman Hill Memorial Handicap to keep her relationship with Jimmy Quinn on the boil.
Not only does this subtle name-change draw a connection between two moments in the narrative, the party and this scene, but the word in question, meaning both costume and masquerader, begins to plant hints.
e: Another interesting difference lies in the effect (or lack of it) of the masquerade on the masquerader.
In this instance, the mask is too powerful to be worn and is dragged behind the masquerader.
And to show the dazzling effect of Apollo-Charles's beams, I added another masquerader shielding her eyes.
Another masquerader is posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Al Muhair has solid chances in four of tonight's six races with Masquerader looking hard to be in the meet's concluding race - the Al Karama handicap over a straight 1,200 metres.
By reproducing the conditions of what it might be like to inhabit an apartment, Green offered a kind of documentary fiction, a model of subjective experience that reflected the peculiar distance between the artist (as cultural tourist, masquerader, and infiltrating critic) and this unfamiliar environment.
In the midst of the carnival I find myself the only masquerader without a mask and am granted no forgiveness.
Number (8) is A costume design for a masquerader on horseback (c1517-18).
And her latest album, Ranjh: The Masquerader , is just a glimpse into that vast repertoire.
Concerts, Fetes, Themed Masquerader Bands and Celebrity-Adorned King & Queen CostumesOExperience the Spectacle of Thousands of Masqueraders in Costume
If an on/off-line masquerader wants to be a man one day, a woman the next, and a dildo-using sheep the following day, then he/she/it/he-she-it is realising and proving the fact that gender, and all other categories, are indeed just a parade.
In some cases the masquerader may have a mental problem.