masquerade party

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a party of guests wearing costumes and masks

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Before the party Hefner took to twitter to post his excitement over his wife's impending set "Crystal is going to DJ a part of the Playboy Masquerade Party here at the Mansion tonight.
You know there's something amiss when people dressed in traditional ensembles start looking like they're attending a masquerade party.
Consistent to previous years, the Student Services Office at AUD has put together this year an interesting calendar of events, for new student comers, which are set to extend over the course of the current Fall term conveying several fun games and activities, such as bowling, scavenger hunt, athletics fair, dhow cruise adventure, SGA carnival, masquerade party, among many other extracurricular activities.
The crowd forms two parallel rows, demarcating an arena and a passage from the masquerade party to the veranda of the Ataoja.
It is my reward for winning "The Best Mask" competition at a Christmas Masquerade party organised by a company called Equinox.
A masquerade party here at The Vincent, which although I organised, I was also a guest, it was a fantastic night What can't you live without?
We hope that a masquerade party will somehow free him up and allow him to discover his "true nature," even though it still cannot be named.
Mini Club (3-6yrs) has games, arts and crafts and a masquerade party, Maxi Club (7-11) runs treasure hunts, sport, aerobics, videos and games.
Tired and a bit intoxicated after attending a masquerade party with his paralegal wife Jillian, ad agency artist Michael Danksy drives home with his spouse asleep.
Write Act Theatre presents its Hollywood Halloween Masquerade Party, featuring a DJ, dancing, food and entertainment, 9 p.
In Traumnovelle, which has no such character and therefore no such framing scenes, the events at the masquerade party are self-enclosed.
27 Party with Egyptian queens and pharaohs in the classic courtyard illuminated with red and amber lighting at this red carpet moonlit masquerade party on Oct.
While the theme of Friday night's Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce annual awards banquet was a masquerade party, the organization's mission is really about getting business leaders to take off their masks.
com)-- The Jim Utley Foundation, a Texas-based 501(c)3 non-profit, is hosting a Masquerade party on Friday, October 23rd, the first day of National Red Ribbon Week - Drug Awareness - in historic downtown Plano at 34Events, a new venue, to raise money for a new scholarship program to debut in 2016.