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structure built of stone or brick by a mason

Freemasons collectively

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Against the new masonry I re-erected the old rampart of bones.
It blundered against a block of granite, staggered aside, and in a moment was hidden in a black shadow beneath another pile of ruined masonry.
This kind of masonry was continued for some time, repeated supplies of wood and mud being brought, and treated in the same manner.
With these words the dark-haired god led the way to the high earth-barrow of Hercules, built round solid masonry, and made by the Trojans and Pallas Minerva for him fly to when the sea-monster was chasing him from the shore on to the plain.
The police have laid bare the floors, the ceilings, and the masonry of the walls, in every direction.
It was a wall, seemingly of stone masonry -- very smooth, slimy, and cold.
Not a morsel of the masonry of this tomb has been chipped off.
The cloisters, reached by three or four masonry steps, made a haven of refuge around this turbulent sea.
The room itself is of considerable size, but the masonry is more than massive.
Then with his lens he tested the hinges, but they were of solid iron, built firmly into the massive masonry.
There is a green fringe of palm and prickly pear round the black mouth of the well; but nothing of the upper masonry remains except two bulky and battered stones standing like the pillars of a gateway of nowhere, in which some of the more transcendental archaeologists, in certain moods at moonrise or sunset, think they can trace the faint lines of figures or features of more than Babylonian monstrosity; while the more rationalistic archaeologists, in the more rational hours of daylight, see nothing but two shapeless rocks.
He looked up, and perceived two life-size portraits on panels built into the masonry.
I had been looking at the Ghost's Walk lying in a deep shade of masonry afar off and picturing to myself the female shape that was said to haunt it when I became aware of a figure approaching through the wood.
She was gone; there was a long yellow slit in the masonry once more; her light burnt faint and far within.
Everywhere--on hillside, in the precipice, by the sea, on the heights--everywhere you choose to look, Gibraltar is clad with masonry and bristling with guns.