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structure built of stone or brick by a mason

Freemasons collectively

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A distinct draft of fresh air was blowing into the chamber through the intersection of the masonry at that particular point--and nowhere else.
To his surprise, he felt nothing behind the masonry he had removed as far as his long arm could reach.
Groping about the masonry just below the margin, I succeeded in dislodging a small fragment, and let it fall into the abyss.
What I had taken for masonry seemed now to be iron, or some other metal, in huge plates, whose sutures or joints occasioned the depression.
Against the new masonry I re-erected the old rampart of bones.
My lord," said Athos, "this is plainly the masonry of which I told your honor.
I, no more than yourself, have seen the Chaldean masonry works constructed according to the sacred form of the Sikra, nor the temple of Solomon, which is destroyed, nor the stone doors of the sepulchre of the kings of Israel, which are broken.
Here rose in crumbling grandeur the first evidences I had seen of the ancient civilization which once had graced fair Albion--a single, time-worn arch of masonry.
Then the party rose, and dragging me to the crumbling arch, made me fast to a huge, corroded, copper ring which was dangling from an eyebolt imbedded in the masonry.
The technique, which is low in cost and simple in application, may effectively be used to increase the vertical and lateral load carrying capacities of unreinforced masonry that results in reduction of seismic risk.
This homeowner's guide to simple masonry projects provides step-by-step instructions for several repair and do-it-yourself home and backyard projects.
ABSTRACT: Plain masonry has been used as a construction material since very old age.
These 12 papers presented during the June 2010 symposium report research results on masonry performance testing, moisture problems, efflorescence, failure analysis, and repair techniques.
Brick is a very common type of exterior masonry; other masonry claddings include stone, terra cotta, and concrete masonry units (CMUs).