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sexual pleasure obtained from receiving punishment (physical or psychological)

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The post Wearing the masochist slur with pride appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
These people are going to make mistakes and to be a referee I think you have to be a masochist.
Whatever will the dainty- toed masochists do for fun?
In a land where Mormons, Muslims, and masochists walk side by side, and none is specially positioned to certify the correct concept of value, the role of government is not to pick a philosophy and shove it down our throats.
When he is not reading other people's vampire stories, Patrick is spoiling his kitty cat or disciplining deserving masochists.
My God, we'rea nation of masochists (50 Things ToDo Before You Die,BBC1,Wed).
Almost as distressing to me as the result in those cases has been the reaction of certain Christian organizations; at each successive judicial defeat, some Christian voice is sure to be raised pronouncing it a victory; at each successive humiliation, the cry goes up for more litigation, as though Christians were masochists whose appetite for judicial flagellation and abuse cannot be sated.
I can't understand how the Log Cabin Republicans could support a man with such a poor record on our issues, unless, of course, they're masochists.
CALL THEM revisionists or deconstructionists, but recognize them for what they are--American masochists.
2) While Freud believed that s/m took on gendered divisions for biological reasons - man's natural aggressiveness and woman's inherent passivity - he also believed that "the nucleus of the unconscious (that is to say, the repressed) is in each human being that side of him [or her] which belongs to the opposite sex," thus allowing for the possibility of female sadists and male masochists (as depicted in yon Sacher-Masoch's work).
Whereas masochists find pleasure in pain, self-mutilators seek relief from distressing emotional states, Briere argues.
Reik argues that idealist political revolutionaries are masochists insofar as they invest all of their emotional energy in a project that is, for Reik, evidently doomed, thereby satisfying an unconscious need for failure.
In February, FACT published a major broadside aimed at the anti-porners that featured footnoted essays celebrating female sexual expression and opposing censorship, all liberally spiced with photos of leather-bound masochists and lesbian and gay sex that seem calculated to drive the antiporners into a rage.
UEFA president Michel Platini has claimed the introduction of goal-line technology will lead to "PlayStation football" but admits that referees have to be masochists to cope with all the criticism thrown at them.
The judge said: "There seems to be quite a few female masochists around this town, I don't understand it.