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deriving pleasure or sexual gratification from being abused or dominated


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I've enjoyed my role which may seem a little masochistic.
I let players run all over me So I must have a masochistic streak But you just get on with it Even though it's every other week.
THEY say goalkeepers are a breed apart and Tranmere's Owain Fon Williams admits to a masochistic streak.
Aside from what can only be presumed to be a masochistic streak, this spectacle is a fundraiser for the Worcester Poetry Slam Team, to help fund its trip to the National Poetry Slam Finals in Boston in August.
That is not entirely true, to judge by the similarity between some of these shorts and others that have made it on the air (involving AIDS, masochistic farm animals, and gratuitous celebrity insults, for instance).
In the introduction to his book, Kucich scrupulously delineates non-identical but often overlapping varieties of preoedipal masochistic fantasy.
Subservience to the state and capitalism is encouraged as our masochistic suffering and exploitation in this life will be rewarded in heaven above (honest).
WITH the considerable amount of aggro Dan O'Neill inflicts on himself over his frequent acidic comments in his column, we could be forgiven for thinking he has some kind of masochistic streak.
Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Morn, in which the wife of a masochistic cop falls for a guy who urinates on her face.
By tracing the common thread of masochistic and sadomasochistic fantasy occurring in works on colonial themes by these and other writers, Kucich (English, Rutgers U.
In a nutshell: Masochistic, biblically tinged Western becomes just your average frontier revenge saga, stretched to pretentious lengths.
Sidebars for the "truly masochistic success-seeker" such as "A masochist's rule for involvement: Speak up and speak out.
As one of the topics to be discussed by the panel, Shimomura recently suggested ''forbidding the use of school history textbooks written from a masochistic view of history.
Fantina locates a similar masochistic dynamic in Hemingway's work, arguing that although one doesn't find the whip-wielding dominatrix of Sacher-Masoch's novels, Hemingway's male characters continually submit to dominant women, and thus push the boundaries of acceptable masculine behavior.
And if he goes, will there be anyone of note who is sufficiently masochistic to take his place?