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Antonyms for masochist

someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment

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I wonder whether, perhaps, the real masochists are those who take pleasure from the partition of Cyprus.
But I'm a confirmed masochist, I joined about 26 years ago.
UEFA president Michel Platini has claimed introduced goal-line technology will lead to "PlayStation football" but admits that referees have to be masochists to cope with all the criticism thrown at them.
You must be a masochist to move, if only because you're forced to deal with the cable company (Motto: "Ma'am, That Will Cost An Additional $39.
After being at the forefront of the genre that might be called masochist video, Viacom has been forced to play catch-up.
Produced by Mel Gibson's company and starring Hollywood's other most determined masochist, Pierce Brosnan, ``Seraphim Falls'' is the kind of hard-bitten Western Sam Peckinpah and Sergio Leone used to make.
Everybody will agree with some of his points and disagree with others--only a masochist could mourn the passing of the tongue-lacerating Spangle.
By definition, a masochist receives pleasure from experiencing certain types of pain.
Amanda Jaffe, a young lawyer who has suffered under the hands of a masochist herself, is asked to defend Jon Dupre, a pimp who is being held for the murders of one of his working girls, a U.
Masoch's narratives, to be sure, use a third-person point of view, but it is consistently aligned to that of the masochist.
Anyone who accepts $8 or less for an hour of his or her precious time is either a masochist or a Lotto addict.
He also must be a masochist to pick on the biggest black man around.
Just as the male and female represent inseparable parts of the individual unconscious, the sadist and masochist likewise coexist within one psyche.
Neither seduction nor KITA is a motivator, unless you are a rare breed of pleasure-puppeteer masochist.
Each of these realms is an accessible horizon of the masochist theater.