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Synonyms for masking

the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it

the blocking of one sensation resulting from the presence of another sensation

scenery used to block the audience's view of parts of the stage that should not be seen

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No matter what your finishing process, you can always benefit from consistent masking.
A special case is that facial expressions of emotion can be accurately identified even when the face is presented under restricted viewing conditions due to short exposure time and/or masking.
Masking is applied to the nontest ear if the AC threshold of the test ear is greater than 40 dB above the BC threshold of the nontest ear.
Readers looking for a theoretical approach to masks and masking will not find it here.
Switch zoning: Provides LUN masking down to the port level for all nodes that the switch can see.
Masking has also been important in the depiction of real and fictional persona in theater and film, both outgrowths of male-dominated rituals rooted in mythology and religion.
True to its epigraph from Ralph Ellison about the ambiguities that attend the mask in a land of masking jokers, Darktown Strutters explores the ruses of black masking and performance in a culture saturated and confounded by the masks and performances of a racial caste system.
Encryption, though extremely beneficial for enabling secure communication between legitimate parties, can become a dangerous traffic masking tool when used by attackers.
Moreover, the same masking is evident in the painted costume worn by Flora in the Primavera [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 11 OMITTED], Botticelli's earlier mascherata of Venus and the Spring, dating to about 1478.
Mask Pro 3 includes a wide variety of selection tools and real-time previews of the masking results to provide users with the widest range of options when making detailed selections in a variety of images.
Popular Photoshop Plug-in Offers Improved Masking Technology
Extensis today announced the immediate availability of Mask Pro 3, a significant upgrade to Extensis' award winning masking and selection tool software for Adobe Photoshop.
Extensis today announced the release of Mask Pro 3, a significant upgrade to Extensis' award winning masking and selection tools for Adobe Photoshop.
The Sabeus patent describes a "sunburst" masking methodology, utilizing a variant of a circular phase mask with radially inscribed patterns, that can be used in a volume manufacturing environment to continuously write very short period gratings (Bragg gratings) of varying periods and refractive indexes into lengths of fiber substantially in excess of 1 meter in length.
Corel Corporation today announced the first version of Corel(r) KnockOut masking software is now available as a download for both the Macintosh(r) and Windows(r) platforms, allowing graphics experts and professionals to easily install and use this application with their image-editing software.