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the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it

the blocking of one sensation resulting from the presence of another sensation

scenery used to block the audience's view of parts of the stage that should not be seen

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Masking is applied to the nontest ear if the AC threshold of the test ear is greater than 40 dB above the BC threshold of the nontest ear.
Readers looking for a theoretical approach to masks and masking will not find it here.
LUN masking keeps the unit numbers invisible to unauthorized hosts, and is based on the unique WorldWide Name (WWN) that is stamped on Fibre Channel node chip sets.
Whether in warfare, religion, entertainment, crisis, or celebration, masks have always been agents of change, and the traditions of masking have been predominantly male.
This is why Wesley Brown's novel Darktown Strutters, an often profound meditation on performance, masking, identity, and equality in the American skin game, is so welcome and refreshing.
Core Security Technologies, provider of CORE IMPACT, the first-to-market penetration testing product for assessing specific information security risks, today announced the release of the new CORE IMPACT(TM) Traffic Masking capability.
3) And Lasca indeed acknowledges that "[b]efore [Lorenzo's time] men celebrated Carnival by masking themselves and dressing as women, and they also used to go about at Calendimaggio cross-dressed [travestiti] as women and girls, singing canzoni a ballo.
In the areas of scaling, masking, image enhancement and border/edge effects, the Photoshop Plug-In Suite, hands-down, provides the best solution in each category.
Using the double-sided masking tape, stick the bones, rib cage, and hip bone cutouts to your child's shirt and pants.
Popular Photoshop Plug-in Offers Improved Masking Technology
Extensis today announced the immediate availability of Mask Pro 3, a significant upgrade to Extensis' award winning masking and selection tool software for Adobe Photoshop.