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Synonyms for masked

having its true character concealed with the intent of misleading

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having markings suggestive of a mask

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The second masked person to whom the king had addressed himself was a man of huge stature and vast circumference.
Louis looked all round him; but by the light of the lamp which the masked figure raised for the purpose, he could perceive nothing but the damp walls which glistened here and there with the slimy traces of the snail.
The one who carried the lantern walked first, the king followed him, while the second masked figure closed the procession.
Well, when that masked thing like a monkey jumped from among the chemicals and whipped into the cabinet, it went down my spine like ice.
They can also see when the part is completely masked as they have used all of the masks in the kit.
A finding consistent with these assumptions is that neural activity from different brain regions can be evoked by masked emotional faces at short latencies after stimulus onset (e.
Not limiting the presentation to carved masks, in a very timely chapter, the modern-day phenomenon of Lucha Libre, the Mexican masked wrestlers, is explained and shown to viewers.
The black-and-white tape shows three masked men wearing oversize cotton shirts and baggy pants as they barrel through the back door around 8 p.
Because of the nature of the evidence pertaining to masked events, emphasis generally falls on the performance situations in which masks may have appeared rather than upon the masks themselves and for this reason the book, despite the authors' attempts to reign in their topic, reads very much like a history of the medieval performing arts.
After responding to masked ventilation and oxygen, her Apgar scores were 5 and 8.