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Synonyms for mask

Synonyms for mask

to prevent (something) from being known

to change or modify so as to prevent recognition of the true identity or character of

Synonyms for mask

a covering to disguise or conceal the face

activity that tries to conceal something

a party of guests wearing costumes and masks

hide under a false appearance

Related Words

put a mask on or cover with a mask

Related Words


cover with a sauce

shield from light

References in classic literature ?
This mask was one of those ladies who go to a masquerade only to vent ill-nature, by telling people rude truths, and by endeavouring, as the phrase is, to spoil as much sport as they are able.
While Jones and his mask were walking together about the room, to rid themselves of the teazer, he observed his lady speak to several masks, with the same freedom of acquaintance as if they had been barefaced.
said the little woman in a sad voice, and undoing her mask, she looked at him.
Why, the masks came flocking round, with a general noise and hubbub, and I thought myself in luck to get clear off, that's all,' rejoined the locksmith.
He picked the masks off the floor and looked in my face as simply as a child.
Lurgan Sahib pointed to a native quilt in a corner by the loathsome masks, picked up the lamp, and left the room black.
The surprising skill which Jonson, author of such plays, showed in devising the court masks, daintily unsubstantial creations of moral allegory, classical myth, and Teutonic folklore, is rendered less surprising, perhaps, by the lack in the masks of any very great lyric quality.
The AIR+ Smart Mask combines two products a protective mask (the Smart Mask) that is ergonomically designed for superior fit, and the world s first attachable micro ventilator (the AIR+) that reduces the build-up of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide trapped inside protective masks after prolonged use at work.
This report addresses the strategic issues impacting the mask making, inspection, and repair sectors of the semiconductor industry in the U.
DRAWING THE MASK Students began by folding a 12" x 18" sheet of paper in half, either vertically or horizontally depending on the shape desired.
MASK MAGIC With all the hocus pocus surrounding October 31, here's a fact you might find rather bewitching.
Southam-based Mask-arade have had to take a break from making Diamond Jubilee masks to cope with hundreds of requests for the new England manager.
Sklenak said the MVMAC is trying to get the word out about the availability of the mask kits.
An exfoliator as well as a deep cleanse mask, it shifts impurities without stripping the skin of moisture.
If your mask is caked with sand, you need to clean it like it says in TM 3-4240346-20&P: After removing the filters, wash it in a bucket of water until all the sand is gone.