mashed potato

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potato that has been peeled and boiled and then mashed

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The increase in particle size of mashed potato increases the friction coefficient, especially at low-to-intermediate entrainment speeds.
2 USING the back of a spoon, spread the mashed potato over the bottom and sides of two ovenproof dishes.
Mix together the mashed potato, butternut squash cabbage and feta cheese.
Mashed potato sales have been mostly in cheap dry mixes or pricey fresh take-out versions.
Using their extensive knowledge of existing Heat/Hold blanching technology, ABCO adapted this to process potatoes for the production of mashed potato.
The Buckhead Diner came up with a delicious concoction that is an excellent combination of pureed celery root and mashed potatoes, and the Georgia Grille developed a shallot mashed potato combo.
Serve sausages on mounds of creamy mustard mashed potato, with Roasted Onion & Ale Gravy Sauce poured over.
Consumers are currently being driven by a more health-conscious attitude, which is resulting in growth in frozen mashed potato products," said Rob Owen, Birds Eye category manager.
I ran across some old instant mashed potato mix and emptied it into the garbage disposer.
There's no washing, peeling, mixing, cooking or mashing; just pure and pleasing mashed potato goodness in every bite, right from the pouch.
Raw potato carvings are completed beforehand; mashed potato sculptors work on the spot.
I can attest to the result being pure mashed potato heaven.
Market demand for a high-quality frozen mashed potato product has grown exponentially with the increased demand for "ready to eat meals".
ALTHOUGH the serving looked small, once cooked there was lots of minced lamb and mashed potato.
I have, in my time, eaten absolutely delicious, wonderfully puffy mashed potato and also hard, horrible lumpy stuff.