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Synonyms for mash

Synonyms for mash

to press forcefully so as to break up into a pulpy mass

Synonyms for mash

a mixture of mashed malt grains and hot water

Related Words

mixture of ground animal feeds

to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition

talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions

reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

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Over the past two years, the City of Pasadena has made notable improvements to the MASH program.
The company has two proprietary platforms that "bridge the care gap" : Preferr, a real time collaboration platform that connects providers and allows for real time patient information exchange is offered on a Saas model, and MASH (Manage, Analyze, Sustain, Harness) that connects the patient, physician and provider on a common technology platform.
The gaming machine operator handed PS3,100 to Mash to be forwarded to the pub company, but they did not receive it.
Whilst mash has been a family staple for generations, with an exciting twist like salmon and cream cheese or Brie and sun dried tomato, it can be a tasty and modern meal the whole family will enjoy.
Joiner's winning entry in the Mash Destruction Contest, titled "The Hippo Smash," featured a line of hippos in circus-like fashion preparing to pounce on the potatoes one by one.
Mash House is the restaurant to visit this spring, with a new pounds 5 lunch menu that is full of classic dishes.
Grabbing a bite to eat took on a new meaning after the mash van rolled into Newcastle city centre.
Accreditation: Mash Direct follows the standards set by HACCP and has recently been awarded Higher Level BRC.
MASH half-cooked butternut squash and half-boiled potato to make orange mash (good for sneaking extra veg into a shepherd's pie).
They will probably have been in storage for a while by now, so they have probably dried out quite a bit, but don't heave them into the compost bin just yet - since they hold less water, they are ideal for a lovely fluffy mash.
Peel off skin and mash with a dinner fork (don't use mixer -- it's not necessary).
A HOTEL in a sleepy Welsh town will be vying to become the bangers and mash capital of Britain later this week in the national final of a competition promoting the good old sausage.
MASH has overtaken chips as the nation's favourite way to eat potatoes, research for the British Potato Council revealed last week.
Call for kids nationwide to draw up creative, fun ideas to mash potatoes in ways that have never been thought of before, for a chance to win $5,000