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any of numerous orchids of the genus Masdevallia

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I awoke this morning to find, much to my dismay, that the last three blooms on my Masdevallia (named for the 18th-century Spanish botanist, Jose Masdevall), had just begun to fade.
My sense of dismay at the fading of the Masdevallia blooms is bittersweet - remembering the pleasure its blooming has so recently provided me, knowing the wait ahead until its next bloom and already anticipating the pleasures to come.
Deluca ends her ode to the Masdevallia flower and to love itself with the following affirmation of faith: ``We know someday, if we wait, the object of our desire will appear again.
From the mountainous fog forests of Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica comes a group of orchids known as the Masdevallias.
I was introduced to Masdevallias by Maria Deluca, a student of mine who attempted to explain her ``obsession with this and many other orchids'' in an essay titled ``The Trouble With Orchids.
Foreground plant is Masdevallia militaris "Margaret'
Among the most successful orchids in thecollection are the masdevallias.