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  • verb

Synonyms for masculinize

give a masculine appearance or character to

produce virilism in or cause to assume masculine characteristics, as through a hormonal imbalance or hormone therapy

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13) In addition, Faulkner draws on the shifting subject positions that Lacan sees in Poe to masculinize his own mysteries.
Because most athlete role models are men there may be pressure to masculinize one's body and become more muscular.
The reasons that utopians masculinize women and marginalize men show up in works as early as Plato's Republic.
And in dories with large LGBT populations like San Francisco and on a number of college campuses, it's becoming increasingly easy to meet biological females who are taking testosterone not because they intend to transition from female to male but because they want to masculinize their bodies in a way that better reflects how they feel inside.
She is being convinced that the aim is to "liberate" her, "emancipate" her, by encouraging her to masculinize herself, thus bringing her into conformity with the culture of production and subjecting her to the control of the masculine society of technicians, of salesmen, of politicians who seek profit and power, organizing everything, marketing everything, instrumentalizing everything for their own ends.
The belief that participation in competitive sports tends to masculinize females has been found in research using a variety of subject populations (e.
Most physicians recommend that the adolescent wait until age 18 to receive the partly reversible hormone treatment, since these hormones masculinize or feminize the body and could lead to surgery to reverse the results, such as breast development in males.
In her rhetorical analysis, Warnick argues that the ideology underlying the invitation tended to masculinize the feminine.
No alterations in male or female androgen status or secondary sex characteristics were observed, indicating that unbleached KME from the Bogalusa Mill does not masculinize sunfish.
The Revival of 1857-58 was an effort to masculinize evangelical Protestantism and make the pious businessman a rival to the image of the prayerful mother as symbol of Protestant piety.