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Synonyms for masculinize

give a masculine appearance or character to

produce virilism in or cause to assume masculine characteristics, as through a hormonal imbalance or hormone therapy

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The reasons that utopians masculinize women and marginalize men show up in works as early as Plato's Republic.
However, on both counts the production failed to deliver: it seemed to have nothing to say to the gender question, attempting simply to masculinize its female players with the most ridiculous fancy-dress stick-on beards and chummy backslapping.
Her experience suggests that the conducting profession not only expects women to desexualise themselves, but also requires them to masculinize their leadership methods.
In her rhetorical analysis, Warnick argues that the ideology underlying the invitation tended to masculinize the feminine.
Though Snyder has a tendency to romanticize and masculinize nature, Dean points to Snyder's own conflicted American internalizations of the frontier as being alternately chaotic and democratic, infinitely boundless yet circumscribed, and functioning as both dominatrix and domesticatingly maternal.
The Revival of 1857-58 was an effort to masculinize evangelical Protestantism and make the pious businessman a rival to the image of the prayerful mother as symbol of Protestant piety.
Against this backdrop, Maxwell's juxtaposition of the Scottsboro writings of Langston Hughes and Louise Thompson provides a sharp critique of the gender politics of the Communist Party, particularly its tendency to masculinize its vision of interracial solidarity, and raises provocative questions about the ambiguities and contradictions of its rhetoric.
43) So one consequence of the aggressive, gagliardo posture of Lotto's Lucretia is to masculinize her in this sense, which is appropriate for any Lucretia, ancient or modern, and in particular appropriate in relation to her willingness to die rather than live unchaste.