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Synonyms for masculine

Synonyms for masculine

of, characteristic of, or befitting the male sex

Antonyms for masculine

a gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to males or to objects classified as male

of grammatical gender

Related Words

associated with men and not with women

(music or poetry) ending on an accented beat or syllable

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For the female accounting academicians, masculine and androgynous full professors together with androgynous assistant professors reported an extremely high level of satisfaction with their supervision (all had a mean JDI index of 51.
For both masculine and feminine males, satisfaction levels increased as rank increased (masculine 37.
Masculine males reported essentially a balanced attitude toward their co-workers (27.
For the females in the study, masculine full professors had the highest level of peer satisfaction (42.
Masculine male educators, originally satisfied with their peers (31.
Masculine males, in particular, indicated much promotion dissatisfaction (16.
Masculine males, while expressing mild dissatisfaction with promotion at the assistant level (24.
0) assistant professors reported being satisfied with pay as both masculine (24.
Many professions, including accounting academia, are frequently perceived as fostering self-replication of "masculine" behavior throughout the power hierarchy; that is, a person has to exhibit masculine traits and attitudes, not feminine ones.
the males in this study appear to be able to exhibit not only masculine traits, but feminine ones as well.
Perceived masculine and feminine attributes examined as a function of individuals' sex and level in the organizational power hierarchy, A test of four theoretical perspectives.