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a person or animal that is adopted by a team or other group as a symbolic figure

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Several users said the futuristic-looking mascot chosen appealed more to children whereas adults preferred the softer and more traditional options.
To guarantee that its blue workwear is very high quality and reliable, MASCOT follows stringent guidelines from the initial procurement of raw materials and through the production process.
The new mascot logo, which features a white horse with feathers in its orange-colored mane with three stripes of red war paint across its snout, appeared on the district website for the first time last week.
com/2016/08/rio-olympics-mascot-weird-history-of-olympic-mascots) not the craziest Olympic animals to ever exist - you can take solace in the next round of mascots.
The furry-green creature, which rose to prominence by assisting 2016 Slam Dunk contest runner-up Aaron Gordon with his gravity defying throw-downs during the competition, is the 10th NBA mascot to win the award.
I always feel sorry for Roary when other mascots gather for, say, the Mascot Grand National or, as happened the other week, a world record attempt for the highest number of penalties scored by mascots in a minute.
Cardiff City Football Cluub mascot Bartley went down a storm when he visited the children of Gwaunfarren Primary School in 2008
And on social media it was branded "the most terrifying mascot ever", "the scariest thing you will ever see" and "Lisa Simpson on crystal meth".
The school chose the Arab as its mascot in the 1920s, in part to recognize the importance of the date industry and mesh with the names of the neighboring desert towns Mecca, Oasis and Arabia.
Cyber security, fraud and protecting the tax-exempt status for credit unions are all issues important to readers of Credit Union Times; but apparently, so are cuddly credit union mascots.
The school has agreed to give the mascot a makeover, but not to drop the nickname.
Although it is not uncommon for an impromptu symbol, slogan, or cheer to arise in the heat of a pennant race, it is rare when a full-blown mascot suddenly appears and becomes wildly popular, particularly when the mascot in question has no discernible features or connections whatsoever to the team.
Teacher Choko Oohira, who has been a mascot herself for over 25 years, puts her students through a rigorous regime.
The competition will be stiff, but Notts County mascot, Mr Magpie, is the hot favourite having won the race last year.
In the 1950's a large, often furry, cartoon-like character became another staple of sporting events, the mascot (Morrill, 2003).